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Онлайн Видео Система за Архивиране с Хетерогенна Система мултимедийна база данни търси Инвеститори

Online Video Archiving System with Heterogeneous Multimedia Database System is looking for Investor

Online Video Archiving System
with Heterogeneous Multimedia Database System1. PRODUCT DESCTIPTION
The Online Video Archiving System offers an alternative to optical, tape or other local archiving and backup solutions for the Video Surveillance.
While traditional methods can be very effective, they require capital to set up and staff to operate them. An online system avoids these problems.
The OVAS solution has the following advantages compared to other existing solutions:
Our solution is truly 'plug and play' and requires no technical knowledge
Cost-effective solution for both the Service Provider and the end user
Access to live and recorded HD video from anywhere in the world
Time Saving Search of areas within the recorded video
Search by motion, direction and appearance/disappearance
Simultaneous viewing and playback of multiple security cameras from different locations
Motion/external event alarm recording and visual/audible notification of live motion detection
Archives must be stored in a remote location (datacenter) in order to protect the clients in case of:
Theft of the Y-Cam Recordings
Theft of the Y-Cam recording equipment
The clients do not need additional equipment for video archiving/recording
No need of additional space for the recording equipment at clients premises
Clients do not need to perform any additional camera configuration
The video archives resides on RAID-protected industry leading storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy.
Data is periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) automatically backed up to another set of storage devices for additional security.
No one can steal or destroy the archives as the datacenter is secured with live and armed security
Privacy and confidentiality - OVAS works in an entirely encrypted environment
Flexibility and scalability - easily expandable and manageable architecture
Offer a unique service and enhance current product portfolio
The video archives can be used as a proof in court cases or police work


OVAS delivers professional tools to the video surveillance companies
Possibility of localization of objects and events
Possibility of localization and distinction of object from a group of identical objects - The bigger the group - the higher the accuracy.
Localization and tracking by
Direction of movement
Current coordinates
Probable route
Possibility of analysis of biometric and biokinetic parameters for identification
Work in real time with high compression with no picture quality loss.
Digital filtration
Reducing the internet traffic workload needed for the camera stream which leads to possibilities of enhancing the video quality1.3. FIELDS OF APPLICATION
Monitoring of large groups of people and objects. Control of public facilities and events. Administrative monitoring and analysis over urban and non urban (traffic and roads, public and residential buildings and sites). Monitoring and forecasting of the movement. Environmental control. Control systems for transmission and storage of water, minerals and nonferrous ore, agricultural products etc. Production control processes in the chemical (including pharmaceutical) industry machines building, light industry and others. Systems for personal and group security. Exchange of information and analysis.
Centralized management of diverse video content and format.
Use of specialized databases of multimedia data storage, sorting and processing of video information.
Use of a fundamentally new forms of protection from unauthorized access and integrity and accuracy of content.1.5. REALIZATION
The implementation is done in three successive stages as follows:
- Establishment of a system to collect video information in specialized databases.
- Optimizing the management and processing of data volumes and protocols
- Introduction of a six-speed protection system.
Each stage has a minimal duration of eighteen months. Going to the next stage begins after completion of the preceding.
Total investment value: 6 105 093 EUR , including:
Fixed assets 5 465 643 EUR
Working capital 639 450 EUR
Current calculations are based on only the most necessary resources needed to be able to develop the product and fulfill the project aim. They do not include any additional not known to us at the present moment costs. Given the circumstances and scale of the project we believe that the ensuring of the ultimate and unconditional success of the project will take between 7 000 000 -10 000 000 euro initial investment.

2.2. TYPE OF FIXED ASSETSThe various fixed assets are presented by type, quantity, price and source of financing that individualize them in detail. There is also a description of the models and brands of the equipment.
The total value of the fixed assets is 5 465 643 EUR, including:
Equipment 2 128 795 EUR
OVAS investment 3 336 848 EURThe investment for the OVAS, totaling 3 336 848 EUR is divided into the following:
OVAS - cost for the development and implementation 1 240 551 EUR
OVAS - cost of marketing, advertising, domains and other 2 096 297 EUR2.3. EXPENDITURE FOR DEVELOPMENT OVAS
The total value for the development of the OVAS product is 3 336 848 EUR.
The calculations for each team developing OVAS are made with taking into consideration the needed personnel, payrolls, material and non-material resources - licenses, electricity, equipment etc.
Expenditure for development OVAS are described by the way the funds will be used and the timelines they will be used within. Depending on the specifics of the different parts, some of the investment will be absorpted in a one time manner, and other in regular three months periodic tranches. The funds for the software licenses and marketing are planned to be used in a one time tranche.
The calculations present the division of the investment by sums and time of payments made.
There will be no loans used and no repayments for loans for the project.
The capital structure of the investment is described by sources of funding. The funding will be made by an Investor Group which will hold shares in the company.
The incomes from sales during the different phases of the project are described in detail and calculated taking into consideration the development of the market, the market research results, the sales and marketing channels. Sales start in the second period of the project and an expected growth of clients is taken into consideration. The sales are calculated and described by quarters.
The income is calculated on the basis of sold quantities from each plan and its sale price. A 10% rise is calculated from upgrades to the basic packages.
The calculations for the depreciation of the fixed assets are made in dependence of their type, characteristics, terms of usage and depreciation rate. The depreciation is calculated for quarters (3 months periods).
The production costs for a unit of the products (services) are divided by the type of product. They are calculated in terms of needed material resources.
Estimates labor costs are for the period after the implementation of OVAS started
Labor costs in the first period "Development OVAS" are part of the all costs for setting the value of the investment

The labor costs for the personnel directly involved in the production process start from the 6 month of the start of the project and are calculated on the basis of the needed personnel by specialties, qualification, salary, insurances and others by the Bulgarian legislation.
2.12. OPERATING COSTSThe calculations for the operating costs for the whole period of the project taking into consideration. 2.13. INVESTMENT, FINANCIAL RESULTS AND CASH FLOWSThe calculations are presented by periods of the project for the investments, operating costs, incomes and financial results.
In the first phase of the project are shown the investments connected with gaining all the fixed assets needed for the development and implementation in production of the products. There are no sales in this period so there are no projections for the operating costs and income.
In the second phase the development continues together with the start of the production process. The projections are based on the expected clients growth and sales quantities of the services.
In the third phase (from the 2-nd to 5-th year) there are no investments as the production process is finalized and the projections are only for the expected sales quantities, the incomes, the operating costs and the financial results.
2.14.1. NPV at the 18-th monthFrom the start of the project and in the end of the 18-th month the Net Present Value is + 212 273 EUR (this includes the 6 months of the development and 1 year from the product being on the market).
NPV is calculated towards the 18-th month, as this is the moment when all the investment outcomes are made.
Comparing, on one side the sum of the investment until the 18-th month of the project, which is 6 105 093 EUR, and on the other side the sum of the Present Value, that is 6 317 366 EUR, Net Present Value(NPV) is 212 273 EUR. This defines the project as an effective one already in the 18-th month.
NPV at the 18 month = - Invesment a the 18 month + PV at the 18 month
NPV= + 212 273 = - 6 105 093 + 6 317 366
These data shows that in the 18-th month will be defined as effective because the discounted profit is bigger than the investment.
2.14.2. NPV for the whole period of the business plan of the project
For the whole period of the project the NPV is + 1 635 055 774 EUR (including the 6 months development and 5 years of the product being on the market).
NPV 5 years = + 1 635 055 774 = - 6 105 093 + 1 641 160 867
The result for the NPV for the whole period of the project defines it as a profitable.2.15. CASH FLOW PROJECTIONS
The data of the Forecast cash flows show, that in the 18-th month Net cash flow is 844 009 EUR, which means that the incoming cash flows significantly overcome the outgoing ones that are made for the investment. The indicator Net cash flow is calculated as a difference of the Net profit plus depreciation +6 949 102, minus the sum of the investment -6 105 093 at the 18-th month.
This indicator shows return of the investment in the end of the 18-th month from the start of the project. This conclusion is valid also if the calculations for the indicator Net Cash Flow are made for the whole period of the project.



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