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Недвижимост VIP -6 Звезден Черноморски Курорт *Камен Бряг* за Продажба или търси Инвеститори


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ТИП: Имот 920,000 m² с ПУП в Камен бряг за Продажба
Оторизационно писмо от собственика за продажба: REMTECHSTROY Group
Продажба: директна продажба от собственика за = Крайни купувачи.
За контакт: +359-52-319980 вътр.108 
Email: или
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Недвижимост VIP -6 Звезден Черноморски Курорт *Камен Бряг* за Продажба или търси Инвеститори

Property VIP -6 star Kamen Beach Resort for Sale or Looking for investors

General presentation

In VIP -6 star Kamen Beach Resort  are building new international resort with hotels 5 star and 6 star unmatched Europe.
Here is the opportunity for investment in very large plot approximately 920,000 m²
The land not belongs to the state (owned by a private owner)

Available DESIGN VISA and building permit
The property is situated 120 meters away of the Black Sea. The immediate area comprises mainly of similar plots of land for development and construction of recreational and vacation buildings.The subject property borders similar plots. The property is located some 700 m westward from the village of Kamen bryag. in a most beautiful virgin landscape 70 km north from Varna, Property terrain enables a great panoramic sea view. The natural reservation area Yalata is nearby.
Availability of business plan and investment project for construction of VIP -6 star Kamen Beach Resort
• Excellent location - 120 m from Black Sea, favouring the building up of a vacation complex
• Natural preserved virgin area
• Good access by car and public transportation ( appr 2.0 km from first class road )
• Good transport links to other parts of NE Bulgarian region, good automobile connection to Romania
• Swift realization of investment intention - efficient and quick administrative procedures, permissions and stand of regional environmental board, full support by local staff of Kavarna municipality
• Cost effective labour force - building construction in Bulgaria is still the cheapest among EU countries
• Flat area, no displacement. Elevation of shore enables panoramic sea view
• Absence of major international competition
• Potential for region’s development as a promising resort area
• Availability of three major golf courses in real estate’s region
Availability of electricity to the property; 
• Initial building up phase of regional high-grade road infrastructure
• Improving economic indicators of Dobrich region’s and Kavarna municipality’s development
• Lack of sizable similar project in the region
• Advantage of developing a first marketing conception
• Possibility of co-financing by European ( EU ) funds


For construction of the building plot itself offers a mixed development with hotels, homes, apartments and flats for sale or to rent.
In the present calculations, I came out of a lease by a private company to the potential income to be determined.
The calculation of hotel revenue is based on information of a hotel group that has worked here for years, the IBEROSTAR Group.
I have made in profits a discount of 50% in the first year of operation. The gains in the last two years I have listed imputed extrapolated similar to previous years.
This did not include possible increases in visitor numbers and price increases.
In the Golf Hotel I've made to the identified surplus to a surcharge of 30%, which is probably too low. This corresponds to a rental price of approximately € 40.00 per. Night in a 50 square meter rooms in 5-star range. Here, the excess will probably be at least twice as high.
The same concerns the construction of other villas and apartments on the golf property. Increases in the rental sector are also to be expected here, due to extended seasons. Also contributes to the planned equestrian center.
More cultivations on the imputed planned are possible. There remains a residual land area of ​​approximately 330,000 m². This can also be sold or built and the objects are sold.

The potential residential development on this area is approximately 660,000 square meters. When surpluses of about 500 to 600 EUR per sqm is still significant profit potential.
To increase demand at this location so we have provided the construction of several sports facilities in the fields of tennis, water sports (water slides, diving, etc.), football, horse riding.

The overall project extends over a period of 12 years, but can be shortened or extended if necessary.
A big advantage for the implementation of the object is the one dominant position for the region you are taking for an object of this size, which allows a significant influence on the appearance and public image.

Funds needed for further financing of the project: Please log in to see the price Euro -/Construction and Furnishing/

The price of the entire project is Please log in to see the price Euro

There are business project, detailed calculations, marketing, projected revenues and earnings. Estimated net profit is 300% in 5 years!



A Spectacular Lagoon 

The most emblematic building work at VIP -6 star Black Sea Resort to apply for and to win a Guinness World Record as the world’s largest crystalline water pool, with an extension of more than 1,2 kilometer in length, eight hectares and 260 million liters of water. Hard to imagine? We are talking about nothing less than the equivalent to 6,000 familiar 8-meters-long pools.

Apart from its large size, the lagoon has another spectacular feature: its waters have the transparency and intense turquoise color of tropical seas. This possible thanks to an advanced technology* developed by the company USA, which is able to collect ocean or sea water and keep it in perfect condition. But this is not all that it is there: during summer, the lagoon further maintains a pleasant temperature that borders 26ºC, nine degrees more than the nearby sea temperature.


Private White-Sand Beaches 

The private beaches of each building have their own docks and truly recreate a tropical environment. Their white sands and numerous palm trees constitute a paradisiacal space for exclusive use of the resort inhabitants.

Owners thus enjoy a top-level holiday, even better in cloudy or colder days, because VIP -5 star Kamen Beach Resort has a roofed beach – unique in Europa – with temperate water, heated sand, bubble beds, cascades, water-jet massage… everything you need for relax and fun.

An Incredible Panoramic View 

Kamen Beach Resort buildings are designed in such a way that every apartment has large balconies that face the sea.

From there, the spectacle is really impressive. Kamen Beach Large Resort, extending for more than two kilometers, full of multiply colored sailboats and the single-breaking-wave blue sea, ideal for fishing enthusiasts, constitute a must-see landscape with a perspective that extends from the lagoon to the sea with no element or building that breaks its continuity and harmony.


The Most Complete Infrastructure 

 The Most Complete Infrastructure Kamen Beach Resort will be created a private world with activities for all family members to spend days full of enjoyment without ever leaving the resort.

For sport lovers, will there are sport schools imparting training classes on sailing, kayak, scuba diving, swimming, ocean navigation, tennis and paragliding, and they also will find at their disposal artificially-lit five-a-side soccer courts, volleyball courts and tennis courts, a real statutory soccer field and a gym with large windows that enjoy a stimulating overview of the lagoon.

Children will have play grounds and entertainment activities organized by child monitors, whereas teenagers have an exclusive space destined for them - the Teen-Pub -, and also SubTerra discotheque, where often music recitals and live shows are featured.

The Beach Club with spa, a tempered beach under a crystal pyramid, open-air Jacuzzis, sauna, beauty parlor and gym; the exhibition and cultural activities room; the open-air amphitheater; the Spa; the supermarket and the North Bay pub-restaurant with its own dock and a large terrace along the lagoon’s coastline – where often amusing parties and shows are held – are also part of Kamen Beach's facilities.

To all that, the South Bay development has to be added, where the SubAqua Café stands out for its inner aquarium, the largest in Bulgria, which holds more that 60 black sea species that can be appreciated in full magnitude through a 25-meters-long glass surface. A giant 100-meters-long water chute is also located in this zone. This area is complete, the South Bay restaurant pub has a large outdoor terrace, a gym equipped with latest technology machines, heated pool and Jacuzzi with ocean view.


An Entire World of Activities

Kamen Beach Resort offers a variety of amusements for all ages and interests, especially during holiday seasons.

Kids can join the numerous activities organized by monitors and those who love sports can participate into different championships, spinning classes, aqua fitness, yoga and fun dancing, or simply enter one of the available schools to learn or improve their performance on different sport disciplines.

There are also activities to be enjoyed by all family members, like massive bike rides, amusing bingos, theatre plays and interesting art exhibitions.

 Nights are also full of life at Kamen Beach Resort. The SubAqua Cafе, the North Bay Pub and the Beach Club offer karaoke sessions, music recitals and live shows and dancing dinners, while thematic parties are held at SubTerra Dicotheque to suit different ages: discokids, under-18 and over-18.


Apartments With Broad Balconies 

The characteristic pyramid design of the buildings, will provide each apartment with a view over the sea and a privileged orientation. The 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-bedroom apartments with large balconies incorporate building solutions and avant-garde elements that deliver superior quality and incomparable comfort that are not to be found in any other alternative in the second home market. This is best illustrated by the duplex penthouses that have huge balconies of more than 100 sqm and open-air Jacuzzis. 

The buildings are administered under a modern hotel concept, in such a way as to avoid any type of concern to the owners. Along these lines, an optional maid service, an integral decoration service, a renting central for those who wish to rent their property with no personal involvement, and a permanent post-sale service are available, among many other attentions.

Only one step from Varna, Albena resort, Golden sands resort, Shabla, Balchik and etc.
Kamen Beach Resort is located at only 80 kilometers from Varna.


Only one step - 4.3 km from village of Tyulenovo 

The village of Tyulenovo is located 100 km from Varna and 40 km from Cape Kaliakra. You would never forget this coastline if you have visited it at least once. The coasts here are coloured in red, and are steep, descending at least 20-30 metres downwards to the sea. There are incredible underwater caves, where diving is like a balm for the soul of every adventurer with an aqualung. Tyulenovo is a place which has been left almost intact by civilisation, and is beautiful and untamed. It is wonderful for fishing and extreme sports such as rock climbing and scuba diving.

The village is called Tyulenovo due to the presence of pods of seals of the Monachus genus, for which the combination of surf, caves, low rocks and winds proves a suitable place for settling down. Seals are said to still inhabit the rocks north and south of the village, but this is rather a myth which the local population maintains because of the tourists. On the other hand, one can observe a number of dolphins, jumping and fascinating with their play.

Only one step - 700 m from village of Kamen Bryag  

The village of Kamen Bryag is located south of Tyulenovo. The landscape here is as enthralling as in Tyulenovo – breathtaking cliffs, blue sea merging with the sky in the distance and leading the eyes to infinity. The village is one of the few preserved virgin spots along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, combining crystal clear water, a beautiful panorama and a wonderful variety of animal and plant species.

Only one step - 800 m from Yaylata archeological reserve      

Yaylata archeological reserve is located 800 м south of the VIP -5 star Kamen Beach Resort, containing a number of tombs, stone dwellings and early Byzantine fortress wall. Northwest of the village there is a necropolis of Scythian tombs. A Thracian altar to the Sun was found and cleared at the entrance of the Yaylata. In addition to the numerous remains from ancient civilisations, these steppe lands fascinate with the magnificence of their flora and fauna. The rocks resound with the songs of rare bird species - cormorants, hoopoes, and owls.

The Ss. Constantine and Helena rock-hewn church is housed in a cave with three chambers, the last of which has an air vent. Numerous crosses and Proto-Bulgarian runic symbols are cut into the chamber walls. 
Probably in the early Middle Ages the cave was used as a church. As the century-old tradition has it, the local population celebrates the day of Ss. Constantine and Helena in the cave.

All lovers of virgin nature and active sport will like these places!

Only one step - 26 km from Thracian Cliffs Golf      

A newly-built golf club with a private beach on the Black Sea, Thracian Cliffs offers deluxe accommodation adjacent to an 18-hole golf course. It features an extensive spa and an outdoor infinity pool.

The main restaurant at the Marina Village serves a diverse menu of Bulgarian and Provençal dishes, and takeaway options for picnics from the Deli are also available. At Bendida Beach, a Moroccan-style brasserie offers barbecue food prepared on volcanic stones.

Popular activities include diving, windsurfing or hiking in the natural surroundings. Decorated with an ancient Thracian theme, the on-site spa provides relaxing massages as well as facial and body treatments.


Only one step - 16 km from Shabla New Cliffs Golf      

Only 16 kilometers from the resort in the town of Shabla build two golf courses and talks between the Municipality of Shabla and investors to build three golf complex.


The complex is located 40 km to Balchik airport and 80 km from the Varna airport.

Balchik Airport is located 40 km from the complex and can be used for takeoff and landing of small planes up to 5,7 tons. International airport in Varna is about 80 kilometers away.






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Тодор Славов (Bulgaria) says...
{с Проект при осигурено инвестиционно кредитиране} • Това е възможност за инвестиции в много голям парцел с площ приблизително 920 000 m² • Земята не принадлежи на държавата (собственост на частно лице) • налична разрешение и виза за строеж • Имотът се намира на 120 метра от Read More
22nd September 2014 12:49pm
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