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Екс-военен Авио завод в Европа търси Инвеститор {ROI=повече 20%} и за Продажба в AUCTION.TAMPERS.EU


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The Ex-military Aircraft plant in Europa for Sale or looking for Investors {ROI=over 20%} or for Sale in AUCTION.TAMPERS.EU

The company based in central Europa for оverhaul and modernization of civil or military helicopters type Mil MI-8, MI-17, MI-24 and etc., fighter jets:  MIG-, SU- family and etc.:

- Plant is a singlemember joint-stock company;

- Its capital amounts to 29 million euro;

- The company holds a full licence for overhaul and modernization helicopters and fighter jets;

- It employs over 295 people;

- There has been implemented  a quality management system  under ISO 9001 – 2000.


Surface area of the factory: The factory is situated on an area of 330 000 sq.m. The manufacturing buildings have a total built-up area of around 50 000 sq.m.


History, specialization and repair capacities:The plant has more than 70 years of history in repair and service of various military and civil airplanes, carrying out medium sized repair or overhaul, modernization of aircraft armament of EU Air Forces and manufacturing of spare parts for them. After 1965 the aircraft plant has specialized in repair of flying machines, aircraft engines and their components, belonging to various countries from Europe, Asia and Africa.

To the present moment the aircraft plant is specialized in overhaul of great number of airplanes and helicopters, their engines, gliders, avionics and manufacturing of spare parts for the repair. The plant expands on three separate plots on which there are located  various differentiated types of manufacturing:

- Differentiated manufacturing for repair of flying machines,

- Differentiated manufacturing for repair of engines

- Testing station for engines - the testing station carries out complete tests of aviation engines and speed reducers after repair.

- The differentiated manufacturing for civil production is a main unit of the plant and it is specialized for repair of aviation equipment.

- Instruments and mechanical workshops.

- Workshop for galvanized  coating. The workshop makes galvanized coatings.


It has a modern technological equipment, machinery and instruments for repair of all items of the aviation systems. The plant  has its self-developed test-stand equipment. The plant holds the necessary documentation and manufacturing capacities for repair of aviation equipment.

The personnel is highly qualified and with a great professional experience. Most of the employees are engineers graduated from different institutes with major: Repair of Aviation Equipment


Annual turnover / Net Income (NI) :

- 2012 year:      € 10.9 million euros / € 0.702 million euros;

- 2013 year:      € 21.7 million euros / € 6.8 million euros;

- 2014 year:      € Please log in to see million euros / € Please log in to see million euros

- 2015 year:      € Please log in to see million euros / € Please log in to see million euros


Sale price of the plant:

Only 2012-2013 year the company was in extremely difficult financial and economic situation with significant amounts of current, accumulated loses and debts:

-        Obligation to 31.12.2012 - Of 22.8 million euro (Short term: 16.1 million euro/ Long term: 6.7 million euro);

-        Obligation to 31.12.2013 - Of 10.4 million euro (Short term: 3.8 million euro/ Long term:: 6.6 million euro);

-        Obligation to 31.12.2014 - no obligations;

-        Obligation to 31.12.2015 - no obligations;


The participant is entitled to purchase an information memorandum, to make inspections in the company and to submit a binding offer {1} or {2}.

{1} The announced  sale price of 100% shares: Please log in to see  million euro;

{2} The announced sale price of 51% of the control package of shares: 51% from sale price: Please log in to see  million euro.


Our team offers extra buyer: 

- to fulfill an investment programme of plant development within  5/five/ years;

- replacement  of the sales and advertisement management team;

- fulfillment of  agreed contracts: Contract №01 /Incomes: more than 20 million euro / and until agreeing №02  /Incomes: more than 9 million euro/;

- granting immediately low rate investment loan with an interest up to  3% for amount up to 40 million euro;

- fulfillment of advertisement VIP airplane - innovation product for VIP passengers and for participation in exhibitions/avio shows in Europe, USA and abroad/


Requirement for the buyer:

-        The main requirement for the applicants states that they must be strategic investors whose main activity is in the defense industry;


Requirement for the strategic investor:

-        The requirement for interested companies is the same to be strategic investors or consortiums working in the area of defense;


We offer to the buyer and/or the strategic investor:

-        Buying the control package of shares of the company :

1) as per option {1}= 51%, and/or

2) as per option {2}= by stages from 51 to 100%, and/or;

3) as per option {2}= immediately to the total amount to 100%

-      Investment project and business plan of development for the next 5/five/ year;

-      Replacement of the existing inefficient sales and advertisement management team with a new available team of professionals:

- with proven professional experience in sales, marketing and fulfillment of new inductive object oriented products in the area of repair and modernization of helicopters and airplanes, available contacts and opened representative offices in  10 /ten/ countries with object oriented potential customers;

- with a ready prepared investment project and business plan of development of the particular plan within  5 years;

- with established contacts of licenced brokers and licenced buyers more than 2000 /verified buyers with available licences for commerce with goods with double purpose and potential buyers of civil products and services in the area of activities on repair of helicopters and airplanes/.

-        Providing immediately a low interest loan and/or refinancing up to 3% of the Investment fund in loan up to 40.00 million euro for a period of 10 years according to an available: business plan - prepared cash flows  statements /incomes and expenses/ and investment project of plant development within 5 /five/ years;

-        Active marketing carried out within 2 /two/ years on object oriented market of customers from abroad, Europe, Russia and Ukraine, in terms of modernization of MIL helicopters: in looking for customers and in potential  prices of fulfillment/;

-        On the grounds of the marketing carried out there have been formed four object oriented products №01-04 for the aircraft plant in providing products without a a competition on the market in terms of price of  modernization of MIL helicopters with potential market in fulfillment of helicopter units up to 20 pieces per year or more than 100 million incomes for the first year:


  • Product №01: 2014 REBUILT MIL Mi-14 {Complete overhaul 2014, on contract, with EC warranty} for Sale



  • Product №02: VIP 2014 REBUILT MIL Mi-24P Hind-F {Demilitarized} {04 PCT} for Sale


  • Product №03: 2014 REBUILT MIL Mi-24R Hind {Demilitarized} {04 PCT} for Sale

  • Product №04: 2014 REBUILT MIL Mi-17 {Production in 1990, Completed overhaul 2014} for Sale



  • Agreed contract №01 of repair and modernization of 5 /five/ MIL MI 17 to a total amount higher than 20 euro /agreed payment with a buyer as per L/Cin a partial advance payment for buying various helicopters for repair, agreed repair of engines, delivery and purchase of units, in fulfillment of performance within 6 /six/ months at generated profit more than  35-40%  and an option to renew the contract;

  • Agreed contract №02of repair and modernization of 2 /two/ MIL MI 24 to a total amount higher than 9euro /agreed payment with a buyer as per L/Cin a partial advance payment for buying various helicopters for repair, agreed repair of engines, delivery and purchase of units, performance within 6 /six/ months with  generating of a profit more than 40-50%  and an option to renew the contract;

-        Markeing carried out and formed object oriented product  №5 ADVERTISEMENT without competition in terms of price of modernization of basic fighter jets for using them for civil purposes in avio shows  and or/ VIP flights with a potential market up to 10 units per year or arranging only advertisement in providing VIP flights with a fighter jet in order to attract object oriented customer from  allover the world;

  • Available 4 /four/ inquiries from end buyers for this object oriented product with a potential market in generated income of more than 10 million euro per airplane, established contacts with suppliers of airplanes and potential buyers as per analysis made  - the manufacturing capacities of the plant completely cover the capacities in modernization of the VIP airplane, needed investment for fulfillment of advertisement airplane to an amount of 3 million euro, estimated incomes from an airplane unit in making a sale 45-50%, estimated incomes from using the VIP airplane in order to advertise the capacities of the plant in avio exhibitions and/or avio shows: more than  10-20 million per each advertisement flight /participation/!


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