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Co-production TAMPERS.EU & REMTECHSTROY GROUP & G.E.M.Co.Ltd. (China factory), JSC in Europa

Co-production TAMPERS.EU & REMTECHSTROY GROUP & G.E.M.Co.Ltd. (China factory), JSC in Europa

Co-production TAMPERS.EU & REMTECHSTROY GROUP & G.E.M.Co.Ltd. (China factory), JSC in Europa:

TAMPERS.EU Professional Network (3) IN (1) of verified: 913252 buyers companies, licensed brokers and investors. TOTAL GOODS €: 1.648. EURO. 

The innovative REMTECHSTROY platform {} is the only one in the world that to the moment disposes of the largest data base of more than 1800 positions used and after an overhaul heavy railway mechanization, manufactured by the companies: Remtech, Plasser, Matisa, Robel, Krupp, factory from China, Rusia and others.

Contact the TAMPERS.EU team in case:
- you are selling used railway mechanization (regardless of its technical condition and year of manufacturing);
- you dispose of a heavy mechanization, meetings, spare parts and aggregates for rejecting or after a failure (unnecessary to you, such that you want to replace or sell;
- you dispose of information about a seller, who sells profitably used railway mechanization (we will gladly pay your expenses and % commission upon a sale performed);
- you are looking to buy used railway mechanization in good working order after an inspection or after a repair with a warranty – warranted technical condition to the moment of sale;
- you are looking for experts, who must replace the distance between the rails of your railway mechanization from/to some of the following standards 1435/1520/1000 mm;
- you are looking for operation of your available mechanization, you are offering a railway equipment to let out, REMTECH will immediately provide you contracts and customers;
- you are looking to hire special personnel, motormen and operators for your railway mechanization;
- you looking for expert training of special personnel, motormen and operators for you railway mechanization at an European Certified Centre with issuing international Diploma. Training is held with the most contemporary railway equipment, manufactured by Plasser, Matisa, REMTECH (possible training on the site at your place with your equipment, conducted by experts);
- you are looking for training of special personnel, motormen, engineers on repair and service of your railway mechanization at an European Certified Centre with issuing an international Diploma after sitting an exam;- you are a company – contracting party and you are looking to perform railway sites, but you do not dispose of a mechanization at a certain destination in the world, you are looking to lease a mechanization for a certain period of time or a subcontractor and/or a partner on the performance of your site;
- you want to replace your damaged or unnecessary mechanization with another one as a model or type, or you a looking for a newer model railway equipment in good working order with higher efficiency;
- you dispose of a mechanization for an overhaul and/or you want to replace it right away for another railway mechanization: technically fit or such after an overhaul with a warranty or warranted technical condition.


REMTECHSTROY GROUP is a consortium consisting of EC companies, REM factories and factories suppliers from Europe, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, USA, China, Iran, India and other countries, offering numerous complex REM™ services, REM™ products and REM™ technologies, servicing wide range of industrial enterprises in power engineering, heary ore mining and processing, chemical, railway, transport, machine– building, shipbuilding and ship– repairing industry.

REMTECHSTROY GROUP is a leader in servicing, repairing, modernizing and rebuilt of heavy railway machinery various brands, offering professional service heavy railway mechanization, warranty and non-warranty service in Europe, Kazakhstan and Russia.

The high professionalism of services is product of the application of most modern achievements and technologies, patents, company “know – how”, improvement and qualification of the technical personnel, long – years expert and practical experience of the managing body on remedy of failures and solution of complicated technical problems in industry.


 G.E.M.Co.Ltd (China factory)

G.E.M.Co.Ltd. the company & factory is mainly engaged in the product research &development, manufacturing, overhaul, sales, services and import & export and rail transit technical service of Heavy-duty Railway Car Series, Overhead Catenary Maintenance Operating Car Series, Railway Crane Series, Rail Flaw Detection Car Series, Rail Grinding Car Series, Rail Lay & Replacement Equipment Series, Inspection Car Series and Urban Construction Car Series etc.

The company has successfully passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, GB/T24001:2004、GB/T28001:2001 Environment & occupational health Security System evaluation,EN15085 International Welding Certification System and International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) system.


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TAMPERS.EU Professional Network (3) IN (1) of verified: buyers companies, licensed brokers and investors. TOTAL GOODS €:

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