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REBUILT 2012 year Plasser Dynamic Track Stabiliser DGS 62-N


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61000.00 kg
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Warranty/Additional Option

Sales information

  • Location - not in Europe
  • Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm 
  • Additional option: change to 1520 mm Broad Gauge Track
  • 1998, Rebuilt 2012 year
  • DGS Stabilizing Units: Works perfectly, after overhaul 2012
  • REM warranty EC: 12 months
  • The price for New Plasser DGS-62N* is EXW Plant Transmash UA (license Plasser): 26 million Ukrainian Hryvnia or 2.600.000 euro without VAT. * The basic version for RU and UA.
  • The price for New Plasser DGS-62N(EU**) is EXW Plant АТ: 1.900.000-2.500.000 euro without VAT.** The basic version for EU and USA.

Product information


Plasser Dynamic Track Stabiliser DGS 62-N 
Year model
 1998, Rebuilt 2012 year. 
is available on request

Vehicle information

Registration number
is available on request
Weight (kg)
Latest inspection
REM inspection ( are granted upon request, contact our regional office or agent)


Engine volume
German Deutz
Engine output
Fuel type
Number of fuel tanks

Computer controlled 

Plasser Computer type
Plasser Stabiliser units


Load details

Load dimensions (l/w/h)
 L = 18,340 mm x W = 2,650 mm mm x H = 3,690 mm
Load-lifting capacity: (kg)
 61000 kg

Truck details

Axle type
Euro class


Front shaft
Drive shaft



Other information


 The Plasser Dynamic Track Stabiliser DGS 62-N is a heavy duty, dynamic stabiliser machine. Stabilizers are used after the tamping machines have finished tamping and straightening the track. The stabilizers are surface vibration devices that compact and stiffen the track-bearing ballast bed, thereby securing the track more firmly in the ballast and improving the resistance. After using a stabilizer the ballast bed will settle less in the future because of passing trains. The DGS 62 N stabilizer has a measurement station for the lateral resistance of the ballast bed.


  The year model of the DGS62N is 1998. 
  Out of service: January 2010.
  Computer controlled: Works perfectly.
  Axles and transmission: Good condition.  
  Diesel Engine: Works perfectly, running &operating.
  Hydraulics: Good condition.
  DGS Stabilizing Units: Works perfectly, after overhaul 2012.
  Complete logbook and history (service Plasser).
  One owner. Technical comment: Worked 16 Shifts YTD.
  Plasser automatic Control System.
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.
  +The Optional: The Modernized version of REMTECH (PRO REM warranty: 18 months)
  +The Optional: New REM DGS Stabilizing Units
  REM warranty EC: 12 months
  The customer obtains a fully serviced and operating machine with changed air and oil filters, lubricants, serviced engine, checked electronics, tested process of dynamic stabilization, checked and working operating control.

  FREE of charge REM options included in the contractual price as a standard delivery for the end customer:
+Free option 1: The REMTECH to train Railways technicians on machine operating and maintenance in the country customers.
+Free option 2: Technical documents for operating, maintenance and repairs as well as spare parts catalogues in English language.
+Free option 3: All the plans and list of spare parts on CD.
+Free option 4: Adjustment of the machine as per the requirements of the Buyer.
+Free option 5: Air - conditioning system in the control cabins.
+Free option 6: Equipped with 4 buffers CAT A according to UIC 526-1 and etc.


Total weight: 61t
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm, UIC 505-1 cabarite/loading gauge
Lenght: 18,340 mm
Wight: 2,650 mm
Height over top of rail: 3,690 mm
Towing Capacity: yes
Brake Description: Pneumatic
Capable - of being towed: yes
Work under, line overhead line equipment: yes
Train formation speed: 80 km/h
Self-propelled speed: 95 km/h

 Plasser DGS62-N in action

 Photos DGS62-N.

  ADDITIONAL OPTIONS against assitonal payment at client's desire:
+REM CCTV: Video surveillance system. Protective function: Warning upon attempts for penetration by foreign persons during the stay of the machine at stations. The video surveillance option may be used for visual survey/inspection of the machine and protections of its most important parts – cabin, operating elements, power cables and electronics (more information).

+REM Pilot GPS: System for collection and recording of control data and operating parameters of the main operating elements, as well as parameters of motion and determining of current location of REM 45D in real time through a GPS (more information).

+REM Radar: System for safety and protection of the working staff and team servicing the REM 45D operation, through automated location of objects moving along the rail road through a radar technology. Range of location of trains at a distance farther than 5000 meters. Velocity of moving of an object 10-300 km/h. Time for reaction of the radar and issuance of a warning signal: up to 15 seconds (more information).

+REM Georadar Measurements - RGM : Automated system for georadar (ground-penetrating radar) roadbed inspection REM GEOSCANNER is intended to provide the following solutions (more information).

+REM 3D RAIL - perfected a solution for 3D machine control. Use Rem3DRail for controlling rail dynamic stabilizer machine.   The universal solution for 3D machine control and for Improved return on investments (ROI) and Higher precision (more information).

+REM R/C (Remote Control) - Remote control of REM 45D dynamic stabilizer machine. Actuating and stopping of the operation process. The remote control of the running the Dynamic Stabilizer Units. Emergency stop of the machine (more information).

+REM Doctor ODS (On-line Diagnostics System) - The On - line diagnostics system can be used in all models of REM mechanization with the purpose of control of the operation status and operation assessment of the technical status of main units and apparatus, guarantee and post – guarantee operation control by a REM servicing centre. The systems gives opportunity for archiving of parameters liable to diagnostics, prognostics on the working capacity and the motor capacity of railway mechanization in general for the whole machine and separately of each unit and apparatus (more information).

  +Rebuilt Ballast Management PDB 50 (Rebuilt 2011/2012 year)
  The Double Broom PDB 50 is a heavy duty double broom trailer designed for final track dressing while attached to the rear of a a REMTECH (Continuous Action Tamper and DGS dynamic stabilizer).
  The PDB 50 is a self contained unit equipped with two hydraulically driven ballast brooms and a diesel engine powered hydraulic system.

  Drawing New REM35D+ PDB50

  Drawing PDB50
Length: 8,636 mm
Broad Gauge Track: 1,435 mm
Widht: 2,134 mm
Height: 1,829 mm
Weight: 12,8 ton
Travelling speed, max: 80 km/h
Wiheel Diameter: 711 mm
Engine Power: 240HP

++Rebuilt Ballast Management PPT 50 (Rebuilt 2011/2012 year)
  The Plow Trailer PPT 50 has a heavy duty trailer mounted x-type transfer plow and shoulder profiling wings. The shoulder profiling wings allow ballast to be retrieved and brought into the transfer plow for distribution while profiling the shoulders to the proper slope angle.
  The front trailer operation is controlled by the operator of either a REMTECH (Continuous Action Tamper and DGS dynamic stabilizer).

  Drawing New REM35D+ PPT50

  Drawing PPT50
Length: 7,518 mm
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Widht: 2,540 mm
Height: 1,524 mm
Weight: 14,9 ton
Travelling speed, max: 80 km/h
Wiheel Diameter: 711 mm

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