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Проект за закупуване на хотелски комплекс в Пампорово, България - търси Инвеститори


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SHORT PROJECT for Purchase of HOTEL COMPLEX in Pamporovo, Bulgaria - Looking for investors


In the hotel will be carried four different types tourism plus two additional activities. In project below  are indicated detailed investment cost, revenues and expenses for the every month for all different activities. Some of  the activities will be just only 4 months a year, other 8 or 12 months

Risk Factors 

Tourism in Bulgaria is one of the most profitable businesses in country. After the project funding there will be no need for additional financing. The hotel is not seasonal as hotels in the summer beach resorts in Bulgaria. This hotel will be works throughout the year. Year-round will have many tourists which  will visit hotel for various types tourism and other activities. It is true that there are many hotels in resort, but the most important is the management of the hotel. That is to convince the 2 500 travel agents to send tourists to the hotel throughout the year. Big incentive are money. When tour operators, travel agents are received very big discounts from prices reception, ( those prices paid by tourists), while tour operators will be very happy. The project will have provided such high discounts from prices for them. Furthermore, we should not be overly dependent on them, with a strong dependence of them for success of the hotel, so will be carried  own business with license as a tour operator. At constant advertising with fewer resources in many websites and newspapers will attract tourists directly in the hotel. The only unexpected risk when there is a state of emergency or martial law in one country as in Syria, Ukraine. This but no one can predict it. Bulgaria is known as a peaceful and safe country. Because Risk factors in this project there is No

Use the proceeds and dividends.

After payment of all operating expenses , salaries, electricity, water, food, etc. . Net income will be distributed wishes investor. It is possible that while the investor to recover their investments, to take most of the company's future net income, that is 85- 90 percent. After the return on investment for

a small percentage, such as an investor to take 75-80 % from net profit . 


Since you already know that the company is not registered and the hotel does not work has nothing to say for the hotel property and other data. 

Management and staff

The hotel will be managed by qualified and experienced staff who will be stimulated for good results

Before you read the detailed business plan of this winning project  look who are big advantage

Usually hotels are being built in the seaside resorts where most tourists, but there are revenue only four months a year. This hotel has real opportunity for year-round visit of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

1) The hotel is located in the international and popular, largest ski resort in Bulgaria" Pamporovo "

2) After the winter season there is possibility of organizing excursions to many historical, natural and beautiful landmarks, attractions, sights in Rhodope mountain located just 10-40 km from the hotel.

3) It is a quiet place with clean mountain air, stunning scenery, far from large and bustling cities.

4) Hotels are sold for much lower prices of 100-140 euros per square meter actual area . Has all the documents for owners and permits for build.  

 Information about winter ( mountain ) resort “Pamporovo“ 

Pamporovo is the most popular and largest international ski resort in Bulgaria. It is located 250 km south-east of the capital Sofia, 80 km south from the city of Plovdiv which has an airport, 10 km north of the regional town of Smolyan. The resort is situated 1 650 meters above sea level at the foot of the top named Snow White-1 926m. This peak is a high tv tower there are many ski trails at resort. Ski slopes surrounded by pine trees which makes the resort is very beautiful and attractive. The climate is favorable for all kinds of tourism, the average annual temperature is 8°C, 150 days a year to keep the snow. Sunny days 270. Build many hotels, shopping centers, bars, restaurants, centers entertainment. The resort has 37 km trails, the longest of which is 15 km.  Maximum displacement by this resort was built many public holiday home. Total number of beds in this large resort is more than 7 500 seats. 




1. To purchase a hotel with 140 beds for tourists-                                                                 550 000 € 

Will be selected only one of the indicated hotels. All hotels have the same price and  60 rooms with own bathroom, balcony and 140 beds for tourists. Only now can be bought ready to buy the hotel so much low prices- 100-140 euros per sq.m. built-up area. All hotels have permission to building and legal documentat for ownership. If you develop one of these hotels, as described in the draft this hotel would be winning. Your Investment returns for the five years after the project financing depending on your financing terms and conditions. In this period include 3-4 months for furniture, equipment and licensing of hotels and all activities at the hotel, recruitment staff, advertising of hotel and contracts with 2 500 travel agents with very favorable conditions for them

2. For notary fees and taxes when selling real estate-                                                              15 000 €

 3. For furniture, technics for all rooms and apartments will need total-                               100 000 €

     I can send additional details and prices of furniture and equipment for hotel.   

4. For advertising strategy of hotel in most major Bulgarian newspapers and Internet-         50 000

    Because advertising guaranteed sells all products or services specified amount for ad     is a must. Should very good hotel website. Very often, the site attracts tourist hotel to  visit it. I can send additional details for advertising strategy.


5. For two new buses which most modern technology. I can send additional details, photo

    of buses. Buses can be purchased with lease payments for 5 years. First payment 20%.

    Total for two buses-                                                                                                            30 000 € 

6. For all insurance and vignettes for two buses -                                                                     5 000 €  

7. For permits and licenses for all six activities will be carried out in hotel -                        10 000 €




1. For salaries and social contributions paid by the employer average for one month-        11 000

    During the winter season (4 months) employees will be as indicated in the table.

    After the winter season staff will be two times less. During four months of the year cost

    will be- 17 000 €. Within eight months of the year costs will be- 8 500 €

    I can send additional detail for number of staff and gross / net salary of each employer      

2. For 6 guards for 24 - hour security of tourists from private company

    Not during the winter season has construed 3 guards. Average for one month-                 1 110 €

3. For food of tourists on average for one month-                                                                   1 000 €

    Because in different months will have a different number of tourists costs for food,

    indicated average for month. For the season December-March each month will be

    1 500 €. For March-December each month will be 750 € 

4. For electricity for water, internet access, television for an average one- monthly             1 000 €

    Because in different months will have a different number of tourists costs for water,

    electricity indicated average for month. For season December-March every months

    are 1 500 €. For season March-December of each month will be 750 € 

5. For fuel for one activity in season March- December every month-                                  2 000

6. Total contribution of the two buses each month-                                                                3 500 €

7. Accounting firm for businesses every month-                                                                        300 € 

8. To rent of offices in the three major regional Bulgarian cities of the total-                            300 € 

9. Instructor holds for other activity in hotel- green school -                                                      500 €



1.  First activity from which will has revenues is tourists for international winter ski resort


       This is international winter resort “Pamporovo” in Bulgaria. From this activity will have revenues four months of the year from  December 15 - March 15. I can send additional details of all prices for this activity and prices which are for travel agents. Alleged tourists send from over 2 500 travel agents working in Bulgaria and own ad and same activities will be at least 70 tourists (35 pairs)  weekly with package price “All Inclusive” for 7 days- 252 €/ tourist. (hotel will be received from travel agents- 202 €/ tourist).This price includes every day: night, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the expenses of tourists and a lot of free services for every tourist. I can send them additional.

       70 tourists weekly x 202 € = 14 140 € weekly. Monthly  56 660 €. For all months of  winter season.  

       December 15- March 15 will be have only from this activity is the total revenue  yearly-  226 240 €


2. Second activity which will performed eight months a year (March 15- December 15) and will be  

    organizing tour excursion to 20 landmarks in the Bulgaria mountain Rhodope. located 20-40 km.

    from the hotel. These  natural, cultural and historical landmarks are visited by many thousands

    foreign and Bulgarian tourists. I can send additional very detailed information about the many 

    landmarks which will be visited tourists.


    Monthly with two busses will be organizing 15 excursions with low price 76 €/ tourist (61 € for hotel 

    from travel agents). This price includes every day:night, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the expenses  

    of tourists and a lot of free services for every tourist. I can send them additional. with tourists from all  

    cities in Bulgaria including foreign tourists visited Bulgaria for these landmarks which will sent 2 500  

    travel agents working in Bulgaria. In еach excursion will be have 20 tourists or 300  tourists/monthly.  

    Monthly 300 x 61 €= 18 300 € monthly. For 10 months will have from this activity yearly- 183 000 €


3. Third activity will be carried during throughout the year- tourists for Spa center. I can send additional   

    details for this activity and all prices of all services. ,           


    Monthly with 7 days spa packages will be at least 10 tourists x 179 € / tourists = 1 790 €  

    Monthly with 3 days spa packages will be at least 30 tourists x   97 € / tourists = 2 910 €                                              

    This price includes every day: night, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the expenses of tourists and 

    lot of free services for every tourist. I can send them additional.For one year will have revenues

    only from this activity at least                                                                                        yearly 56 400

4. Four activity: Revenue from groups who want celebrate to weddings, birthdays,

    christmas, new year for which will be advertised attractive price.               Yearly revenues- 10 000


5. Five activity: will be "Green School"


    Activities are selected so that it is the most enjoyable and interesting fearful of  the bravest. Safety is

    a very important and is guaranteed by certified trained instructors climbing boating, horseback riding,  

    teachers. All are trained in first medical care. The equipment is certified internationally answers all  

    requirements and is designed specifically for students. Part of this activity will be- gaining valuable  

    experience working with map and compass, road markings, and survival among nature. Learn how

    to use alpine equipment, tied knots and many other. Getting live with common plants and herbs, rare  

    and endangered animals and how to protect  the environment. Learning to help in trouble with how to  

    provide first aid. Parlor games, relays and races with team spirit. Inclusion in different art classes...  

    The hotel is appropriate place for this activity, mostly the fresh mountain air, peace and tranquility.   

    Instructors will be of Sports Club "Wonderful rocks"- city Varna or specialize company "Reverse".  

    Expected number of students monthly will be the one group whit class from 15 students plus 1  

       teacher for each group. The package price of seven-day camp will be 111 € (hotel received from 

       travel agents 84 €).Alleged average monthly one group x 15 students=15 х 84 €= monthly 1 250 €

       From  this activity will have revenues                                                                   yearly- 12 500


6. Six business is own tour operator activity. During the year round will have additional income that

     Will be from licensed tour operator activities. Part for the costs for other tour operators (135 000 €  

     yearly) will be refunded at the hotel in revenues and profits. These parts will be at least- 30% of

     the costs for tour operators. These gains from savings to 12 months from all activities will have

     30 000 €. From this activity at least                                                                      yearly-  30 000


    TOTAL REVENUE from all activity events for one whole year-                                     517 740

    TOTAL EXPENSES for all activities for one whole yearly-                                            240 000

    PROFIT from all the activities specified in the project -                                                  277 000 €

    TAXES : VAT, tourist. tax , income tax , annual tax building-                                          77 000 €

    (VAT in the tourism -9 %. Income tax 10 %)

    NET PROFIT for one year after the payment of all costs will be real-                           200 000 € 

    NECESSARY INVESTMENT for this project-                                                                800 000 € 

    Need 100 % financing. In first 3- 4 months after financing there will be No income.

Your Investment returns for the five years after the project financing depending on your

financing terms and conditions. In this period include furniture, equipment and licensing

of hotels and all activities at the hotel, recruitment staff, advertising of hotel and contracts

with 2500 travel agents with  very favorable conditions for them

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