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{TAMPERS.EU Tenders} A Large railway Company {RSA} is looking for a strategic partner - railway contractor for the fulfillment of a contract of railway rehabilitation in South Africa .


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A Large railway Company from South Africa is looking for a strategic partner – railway contractor with professional experience and reputation for the fulfillment of a major contract of railway rehabilitation with a great volume.


{Looking for:A strategic partner - railway contractor with professional experience and good reputation is requested for the fulfillment of railway rehabilitation with a term of 2 years, partnering the State Railway Company in South Africa. The contract in its volume, for the term of 2 years includes assigning a mechanized overhaul / rehabilitation/ on  railway replacement, screening ballast prism, works on planning and profiling ballast prism, railway tamping and stabilization in a regime of working under railway windows.

/For detailed information please, see below and If you are interested the full set of document of the project will be sent/.

At the same time there is an option the contractor and/or the newly established Consortium for the fulfillment of the project to be offered available railway mechanization right away and/or the inclusion of one or two subcontractors:


А. Subcontractor 01 – leading railway Company from South Africa with experience , professional staff and railway equipment for building and maintaining railway infrastructure with professional background in the main scope of business of  10 years,  of the Contractor – the State Railway Company, the necessary connections and  lobby;


B. Available and new highly effective railway mechanization leased under a favourable plan with minimum advance payment: 


1.       REBUILT 2014, 2006 year - Dynamic tamping express 09-3X  {Production in 2006 year, Rebuilt 2014 year} for Sale or Operating lease-1 Nos.


2.       *PRO* 2015 year New Dynamic tamping express VPR-02M/PST-1 {II generation, Production in 2015, Broad Gauge Track=1065 mm for Sale or Operating lease:-2 Nos.


С. Production and delivery in 2 to4 months of new railway mechanization under leasing terms for a period of 2 to 4 months with minimum advance payment and or direct participation of the railway equipment manufacturer as a subcontractor 02 on the fulfillment of part of the volume of  works.


D.  Granting a loan on the security with interest of 3% for buying available and in a very  good technical condition specialized railway compositions, made by Plasser for railway rehabilitation and replacement with an option for making their modernization by Broad Gauge Track = 1435 to 1065 mm in a specialized factory in 2 to 3 months:

1)      REBUIL 2012* Plasser and Theurer type SMD-** track-laying machine for Sale:

2)      High capacity ballast cleaning machine Plasser RM900* for Sale:


The major part of the railway equipment is available and can be leased, furthermore there can be provided a loan for buying the railway equipment under section D or for turnover cash for the fulfillment of the contract.

Strategic partner – railway contract with professional experience and professional reputation in the field of railway rehabilitation for the fulfillment of the contract is request urgently. To the moment there is no competition in the area in terms a contractor with the necessary volume of specialized railway equipment Broad Gauge Track = 1065 mm  –  the contract features a very  great amount {ROI над 35-40%}!




1 SCOPE OF THE WORKS 1.1 Nature of work

This contract includes the maintenance of rail track, by On Track Ballast Screening to accommodate lead time for full specification compliance. The work shall consist of the provision of the on track machines required for screening of ballast and related output, the operation and maintenance of the equipment and the provision of all fuel, consumables and support required to achieve the output. The Project Manager plans to ballast screen the length of track as per Table 1, attached. The scope of work includes the following: Screen, Tamp, Regulate, Stabilise and Integrated Spoil removal system with traction Unit.

1.1.1 The ballast screening contracts shall cater for ballast screening, ballast regulating, ballast stabilising, ballast tamping and spoil removal for the packages specified and all other related work to ensure a screened track, ready for safe train operation by ***** at 30km/h.

1.1.2 The ballast screening shall also consist of the screening of open track, restricted track in restricted areas such as cuttings, bridges and culverts and platforms.

Ballast Screening

1.1.3 The estimated workload for a portion of the Cape and KZN Regions is tabled in Table 1:


Operating Region (and %

Work Type Mainly

Monthly Average Twm, (Daily, Twm=3h Cutter-bar time and 5h package time)

Work Volume Required over 2 years

Est. Spoil rate

Est. Restricted (Platforms, wet, rejection)

Cape and KZNc

Cape - 7 months KZN -4,5 months per annum for 2 years

Open track, And frequent removal of large volumes of spoil

60h and 100h

Volumes Screened over 440days



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1.1.4 Length of track required to be screened is to be measured as the actual length converted to a standard equivalent meter to cater for different screening conditions causing variable production rates per shift of working. A standard equivalent meter screened is defined as follows:

Standard equivalent meter screened:

Basic standard distance of ballast screening in normal average dry conditions, inclusive of all work required for a completed screening activity.(One meter screened in relatively dry or normally screen-able ballast where a screener in good working condition can produce at the rate of m3 per hour as tendered: (Example: A screener with screening rate of 300m3/h, it should screen in excess of 200m/hour of Tw in a ballast profiled track up to 1500m3/km is considered as a standard meter.)

1.1.5 Any clause in Part B: Project specification contradictory to requirements elsewhere in this contract shall take preference.

1.1.6 Tenderers may offer alternative machine combinations than required. Track occupation time and technical capability shall however be an important consideration in the award of the contract. The rate of work (Screening), stabilisation capability on heavy traffic density lines and areas shall be considered when adjudicating the tenders. Any machine combination offered shall however have the capacity to work at rates acceptable to produce the output.

1.2 Description of activities required

The work includes:

1.2.1 Open track screening:

Cleaning of ballast in track using an on-track ballast screening machine shall be capable of producing the screening rates as specified. The machine or package shall comply with the specification detailed in clause 3 Part B2: Project specification.

1.2.2 Spoil removal where required:

Screening includes the requirement for spoil removal by wagons for certain sections of track. Spoil removal shall be done by one of the following means:

a) A high spoil removal rate is required at some sections of line where the screening may be severely restricted because of the requirement to remove all spoil. No spoil will be dumped directly next to the track except where directed.

b) Tenderers must clearly indicate capability and capacity offered together with all the rates of spoil disposal, labour and machine work required to support spoil disposal. Table 1 (paragraph 1.1.5) provides an indication of what is required for this tender. The restriction on potential output will be considered for the award of the contract.

c) Tenderers shall also clearly indicate what traction requirements for spoil removal shall be. The cost of traction requirements to *****  will also be considered during the adjudication of tenders.

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