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Investment Loan Financing of Companies, Works and Projects = 3M - 500M


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Investment Loan Financing of Companies, Works and Projects


An International Consortium, owner of the Innovation Trade Platform {BG.TAMPERS.EU, TAMPERS.EU, TAMPERS.SU based in America}:


Project Management & Invest LLC,  Delaware - USA, Representative Office Europe - Bulgaria and representative offices Qatar - Doha:


Offers investment crediting services for projects and companies, with funds provided by foreign banks and investors /our partner clients from Europe, Qatar and Dubai/ at favourable conditions, interest rates and credit payment periods:

-          Works; factories and farms according to presented investment project for development: modernization of production, capacity addition or target financing for penetration on new markets in other countries;

-          Tourist and hotel complexes in stages of construction and/or in a fully or partially frozen building or financing stage;

-          Water, wind, photovoltaic, coal power stations, thermal power stations, ore mines and other sites in a project start stage, and/or after obtained construction permits, and/or in an implementation or building stage;

-          State or municipal investment projects related to construction project implementation of co-financing projects won within the framework of Operational Programmes, or innovation projects of a state company or public private partnerships with state structures for transport, economic development or construction;

-          MALLs and commercial complexes in a process of construction or upon frozen construction;

-          Other projects;

-          Interim financing of big contracts, overdraft, etc.


-        Amount of loan financing:

Scheme {1}: Security in = an asset; = a business and etc.: {1} from 3 million EUR to  10 billion EUR ;

Scheme {2} and Scheme {3}: Security in Bank Guarantee, another instrument: from 20 to 500 million EUR;

-        Granting a credit in EUR or USD;;

-        Interest: to 3-6% depending on Scheme and Security:  Scheme {2}  or Scheme {3};

-        Interest 3% the first three years and then 6% depending on Scheme and Security: Schema {1}  

-        Principal repayment period: within 10 -15 years;

-        Opportunity for re-financing of credit debts /old liabilities/;

-        Grace period for project completion, before starting to redeem the credit(s): 1-5 years only Scheme {2} and  Scheme {3};

-        Credit receipt time-limit: from application procedure to credit receipt, depending on stage of

-        readiness of the Beneficiary's set of documents prepared in compliance with the requirements

-        of Phase 01: from 2 to maximum 3 months;

-        Investment Project Supervisor - control of Beneficiary's project implementation: International

-        certified company according to Scheme {3};

-        Place of signing the general credit contract in Phase 03 between the Beneficiary and a foreign investment bank (private investor or fund): at a specified place of destination at Creditor's seat or branch fixed in an state: Europa, Qatar or Dubai, in a legal jurisdiction of arbitrage of the respective state;

-        No payment of fees for project consideration charged by the investing body.



Terms of security for investment loan financing and granting a credit to a Beneficiary by a foreign investment Bank or Fund:

Scheme {1} : from investment funds Dubai or Qatar /Security in/:

1.1)  = an asset; = a business; = real property collateral or = material assets, owned by the beneficiary candidate for credit /according to an Expert Judgment made by a certified valuator of assets or Due Diligence / in minium 100% of the sum requested according to the investment project;

1.2) = an asset; = a business; = real property collateral or = material assets,  owned by the guarantor on the loan /according to an Expert Judgment made by a certified valuator of assets or Due Diligence / in minium 100% of the sum requested according to the investment project;

1.3) = bank guarantee issued and / or RWA of name beneficiary candidate for credit / in minium 100% of the sum requested according to the investment project/;

1.4) = state guarantee issued and / or RWA of name beneficiary candidate for credit / in minium 100% of the sum requested according to the investment project/;

1.5) = banking instruments, securities as collateral / as main base and / or auxiliary security/.


Scheme {2}: From investment funds and banks Europa /Security in/:

2.1) = bank guarantee issued and / or RWA of name beneficiary candidate for credit / in minium 100% of the sum requested according to the investment project/;

2.2) = banking instruments, securities as collateral / as main base and / or auxiliary security/.


Scheme {3}: Bank Guarantee or another instrument from bank rating AAA / Programme: ICBPO, ICC 458, ICC 600/700/, etc., presented by a TOP 25 WESTERN EUROPEAN BANKS (WEB) bank in fixed percentage of the value of the project in execution;

*  Program A) using POF + ICBPO - 7 % + 2 % - 9 %

SBLC /BG - CASH BACKED, ICC 458 Format issued by HSBC BANK

*  Program B) using Blocked Funds (MT799)-6% +2% = 8%

SBLC /BG - CASH BACKED, ICC 458 Format issued by /Credit Suisse/AAA BANK

*  Program C) using Direct ICBPO- 6% + 2% = 8%

SBLC /BG - CASH BACKED, ICC 458 Format issued by /Credit Suisse/AAA BANK

*  Program D) using BCL via Email - 14 % + 2 % = 16 %

SBLC /BG - CASH BACKED, ICC 600/700 Format issued by UBS Bank /AAA BANK Issuer (Provider) does Pre-advise to Borrower bank in this case.

*   Program E) using Bank Statement as POF - 8 % + 2 % = 10 % Standard SBLC issued by Bank of London.

We are asking only Beneficiaries to contact us, who are able to offer a security according to Scheme (1}, (2} or {3}.

Under Scheme {1}, {2} {3}: We don't offer services related to finding a partner bank or a private investor to grant an investment credit and/or financing of start-up projects and / or start-up companies without collateral and / or guarantor of security!


Availability of a preliminary Expert Judgment of the asset or a Due Diligence of the business upon applying for Scheme {1} in Phase 02 is compulsory, the bank may later appoint and carry out its independent Expert Assessment of the asset or a Due Diligence of the business, before proceeding to Phase 03 of signing a contract. 



Phase 00 / Signing a contract with Project Management & Invest LLC /: Beneficiary sign a contract with Project Management & Invest LLC with fixed commission of the loan amount. Beneficiary due to commission only on the realization in signing the contract with investing authority provided by Project Management & Invest LLC in obtaining credit in real transfer amount in his bank account!


Phase 01 /Preparatory/: Initial preparation and coordination of the full set of application documentation: Time period from 10 to 20 days; 


Project Management & Invest LLC Fee for reviewing the documentation submitted, the application form for the loan and others in full before submitting the documents in Investing Bank or Fund  – 100 euros to 5 million euros, for large projects 0.00002% of the loan amount.  


Transport costs of sending original documents of the Beneficiary to the representation office of Project Management & Invest LLC in country / place basing / applying investing bank or fund are paid by the Beneficiary.


Phase 02 /Search, Research and Discussion/: Consideration of the projects by partner banks, private investors and risk capital funds. Examination of the Beneficiary's credit rating and history. Initial conversation of an Investing Body with the Applicant Beneficiary: Time period from 10 days to 1 months;  


Phase 03 /Final/: Confirmed investor's commitment to sign an investment loan agreement for the Beneficiary's project under fixed terms and conditions. Conduct of real negotiations between the Beneficiary and the Creditor for reaching an agreement on the final investment parameters. Signing a general investment contract: realization within 20 - 30 days; 


Phase 04 /Granting a Credit/: Signed general investment contract between an investor and a Beneficiary to Phase 03: Granting a Credit within 7-10 days.



For contact:
 representatives worldwide}

& Project Management & Invest LLC {representative offices Qatar - Doha}


REM Store online marketplace {

VARNA 9000 - BULGARIA, REMTECHSTROY Group (Head office Varna)
Address: Varna 9010, Industrial zone
Tel (switchboard): +359 52 319980 (Perfectly speaking: English)
Tel : +359 52 319980 ext.105 or 106 (Perfectly speaking: Bulgarian, Russian)
Fax: +359 52 319990
Customer Centre Head office Varna
Tel (switchboard) +359 52 319980
email: sale



Topic: Investment Loan Financing of Companies, Works and Projects
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Arjun (baltimore, US) says...
Dear Sir I can deliver leased instruments to Organization or individuals, Trading, Discounting, signature project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects with their preferred text verbiage as been approved by their bankers. We also proffer-sales option to interested buyers. Our terms and procedures are so flexible and workable by RWA clients. Our lease rate is (5.0 + 1)%+x%. X% IS Lessee broker\\\'s Read More

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26th January 2016 10:02pm
Д.Латовски (Bulgaria) says...
Какви са точните параметри на
евентуален кредит.
24th September 2014 2:51pm
Todor Slavov (Bulgaria) says...
УСЛОВИЯ: - Размер на кредитирането от 3 до 100 милиона евро; - Отпускане на кредит в EURO или USD; - Лихва 3-6% в зависимост схема и обезпечение {1}, {2}, {3} или {4}; - Период погасяване на главница в срок 10-15 години; - Възможност за рефинансиране на дългове по кредит /стари задължения/; - Read More
24th September 2014 2:52pm
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