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Co-production REMTECHSTROY GROUP & Ex-military Shipyard from EU, JSC in EU Port Black Sea

Co-production REMTECHSTROY GROUP & Ex-military Shipyard from EU, JSC in EU Port Black Sea

Co-production REMTECHSTROY GROUP & Ex-military Shipyard, JSC in EU Port Black Sea:



The  Ex-military Shipyard {Technology & Ex-military & Repair & Engineering & Modernization} Shipyard, JSC in Europa 





The company based in central Europa for оverhaul, modernization and conversion of civil /military/ ex-warships {vessel, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, submarines and etc.}:

- Plant is a singlemember joint-stock company;

- The company holds a full licence for overhaul and modernization vessel, warships and submarine;

- It employs over 200 people;

- There has been implemented  a quality management system  under ISO 9001 – 2000.

Surface area of the factory: The factory is situated on an area of 600 000 sq.m. The manufacturing buildings have a total built-up area of around 100 000 sq.m. in Port Black sea.

History, specialization and repair capacities: The shipyard has more than 120 years of history in repair and service of various military and civil vessel, carrying out medium sized repair, overhaul or modernization of submarine and armament of EU Naval Forces and manufacturing of spare parts for them. After 1975 the shipyard has specialized in Repair & Conversion of civil vessel, ex-warship, ship engines and their components, belonging to various countries from Europe, Asia and Africa.

To the present moment the shipyard is specialized in overhaul of great number of vessel and warships, their engines and manufacturing of spare parts for the repair. The shipyard and plant expands on Port Black sea - separate plots on which there are located  various differentiated types of manufacturing:

- Rebuilt Civil, Naval and Ex-militari submarine (USSR, Russian, Chine and European production),

= The capital repair of all basic systems, hulls, tanks, mechanisms, electrical equipment and devices, cleaning and painting is according to the requirements of the classification organization;

= Capital repair and servicing of  the engines with auxiliary mechanisms and pipelines, the leading shafts and the second post of controlling the diesels;

= Capital repair and servicing of the main driving electrical engines with panels of control, the electrical engines for economic motion  and a panel of controlling them, leading shafts with couplings;

= Completely cleaned and painted – hull, internal and external tanks, accumulator pits, etc.;

- UPGRADE /Modernization/ on the Civil and Naval Submarine /USSR, Russian, Chine and European production/  out of the standard factory equipment:

=  Supplying according to the requirements of the classification organization with contemporary means of fighting for vitality,  means for rescuing the crew, signal means, systems of submerging and emerging, SJO system for observing the international conventions of safety of human life and protecting the sea environment;

= Installing invertor power supply for supplying navigation, radio and hydro acoustic equipment due to the presence of factory power supply from electrical machinery, transformers with limited power requiring continuous servicing  

= Modern fire alarming system meeting the requirements for a site of such category;

= Anti-fire water system (Fire Fighting System) meeting the requirements for a site of  such category;

= Replaced entirely with new equipment – conditioners, electrical galley, refrigerating machine and refrigerator rooms, part of the the lighting, furniture, slight partitions, etc;

= Installing new Unified periscope complex<*/** Full information and price for installed set>

= Installing new Miniature navigation complex; <*/** Full information and price for installed set>

= Installing new Integrated automated navigation system; <*/** Full information and price for installed set>

= Installing new Communication system; <*/** Full information and price for installed set>

= Installing new Self-powered telephone intercommunication system; <*/** Full information and price for installed set>

= Installing new Floating information assemblies for submarines; <*/** Full information and price for installed set>

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- Modernization & Re-equipment (CONVERSION) & UPGRADING OF SHIPS

The Yard enjoys wide experience in hull shortening and hull reinforce-ment of different types of ships in accordance with shipowner's need and requirements of Classification Societies for expansion of the region of navigation.

Our company offers know how for Marine Industry in the Eastern Europe. We carry out conversion of ships type VOLGO-DON, VOLGO-BALT, OMSKIY, obtaining marine class II 01 according to the Rules of the Register of Shipping of Russia. For instance, the conversion of ships type VOLGO-DON includes:
• docking, cleaning and painting;
• shortening of the hull;
• reinforcement of the hull construction;

- Rebuilt, Upgrade and Modernization naval /military/ ex-warships {vessel, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, submarines and etc.}.

- Shipbuilding cevil vessel and naval warships {vessel, destroyers, frigates, corvettes and etc.}

- Instruments and mechanical workshops.

- Workshop for galvanized  coating. The workshop makes galvanized coatings.

It has a modern technological equipment, machinery and instruments for repair of all items of the ship systems. The plant  has its self-developed test-stand equipment. The plant holds the necessary documentation and manufacturing capacities for repair of ships equipment.

The personnel is highly qualified and with a great professional experience. Most of the employees are engineers graduated from different institutes with major: Repair of Cevil and Naval ships or submarine

Ex-military Shipyard, JSC has implemented and owns technologies for the following repair works:

  • overhaul of submarines and ships of a dock weight of up to 8000 t;
  • overhaul of all sorts of internal combustion ships engines regardless of power capacity (testing of the same);
  • overhaul of all sorts of electric machines, equipment of ships, electric actuators and automatics regardless of power capacity (testing of the same);
  • overhaul of hydraulic and pneumatic machines, aggregates and equipment;
  • overhaul of  firearms and artillery;
  • radio-electronic equipment, shortwave radio stations, control gauges and remote-control systems;
  • overhaul of all sorts of torpedoes, torpedo apparatus, fire-control stations and mine-trawl armaments;
  • overhaul of radiolocation or hydro-acoustic stations;
  • overhaul of fire-control systems;
  • aggregate replacement of gas-turbine engines;
  • overhaul of all sorts of pumps, compressors, steam engines or turbines;
  • overhaul of RU army stations;
  • overhaul of navigation or communications equipment;
  • overhaul and certification of high-pressure containers;

Ex-military Shipyard, JSC has implemented the following new technologies and know-how:

  • overhaul and refurbishing of the sealing surfaces of the cooling system of the artillery cannon using polymer materials;
  • refurbishing of corroded water tanks through metal depositing and application of an anti-corrosion layer by cold electroplating;
  • refurbishing of the bodies, impellers and bearing seats of all sorts of pumps using polymer materials;
  • refurbishing of propeller blades through application of metal ceramics polymers to prevent cavitation;
  • assembly and calibration of vessel engines and ancillary mechanisms using polymer materials and anaerobic pastes.


For contact: or Call center: +359(52)319980


The Ex-military Shipyard JSC has all the valid certificates issued (is available on request from the end buyer):

- NATO Facility Security Clearance Certificate;




- ISO 9001 certification;


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