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Европейски Клъстер за железопътен транспорт търси Инвеститор, или създаване на - Джонт Венчър, и/или - R&D EU Center, и/или - Акредитирано EU звено за контрол жп инфраструктура

Innovation European Scientific and Development Cluster /IES&DC/ for railway transport is looking for an Investor, or establishment of – Joint Venture, and/or – R&D EU Center with leading producer of railway machinery, and/or – Accredited EU control unit for railway infrastructure of 7500 km


Looking for Strategic Investor and/or leading producer of railway machinery, partner for the implementation of:

-        Project 01: For the establishment of Joint Venture at accredited EU unit for control over railway infrastructure of 7500 km , first stage, with possibility for extension to a market niche of 10000 km of rail road without any competitor on the market at the moment.

-        Project 2: For the establishment of R&D EU Center with leading producer of railway machinery for development activity and for the implementation of Ready Investment project for the production of 10 new innovation projects for new brand heavy railway machinery for railroad maintenance, according to marketing research done for the last 5 years in Europe and around the world, and with orders placed and preliminary contracts concluded for the delivery of 20 units of railway machinery to national railway companies for a year and with agreed contracts for the implementation in production of 10 engineering projects of railway machinery at two partnership heavy railway machine building plants.



Investment necessary for the implementation of projects on ready business plan:

            Project 01: 3 000 000 EUR for the realization of own investment product within 1 year for new generation innovation road measuring device for control over the geometry of the rail road and concluding a contract for control over 7500 km of rail road, a similar product on the market at the moment costs between 7 000 000 and 10 000 000 million per unit railroad measuring device;

            Project 02: 1 500 000 EUR for the establishment of R&D EU Center, preparing engineering projects for the heavy machinery and starting the production on the immediate  implementation of delivery contracts to railway companies.


Return on investments – ROI

            Project 01: ROI = 35-40% with potential for concluding a contract for control over the railway infrastructure if 7500 km  in the first year, and preparing a new innovation product in a railroad measuring device with market niche, yearly realization of 30-40 million EUR.

            Project 02: ROI = over 200% in the first year, starting an R&D EU Center and ready to conclude an immediate contract for the implementation of an order for the amount of 80-100 million EUR for a year to the national railway company for new innovation railway machinery, for a market niche with only one competitor in the world, a monopolist producer, of which the terms for the implementation of the order requires only 100% advance payment! In case of successful imposing a new brand on the market on Investment project realized within a period of 5 years, a new class of railway machinery and with new type of guarantee terms without competition, we can win a substantial % of the market niche with 900-1000 million EUR for orders in a year.


The IES&DC offers industry, academia, and other agencies the opportunity to access state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and instrumentation, and computational resources to advance transportation technologies. These resources are critical to their efforts in the areas of improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and addressing transportation system issues, such as traffic congestion, evacuation planning and highway safety. 



Established in 1955 as a unit of development and research at the Ministry of transport from Europe, including scientific and research activity of all types of transport. In the year 2000 it was privatized, it dealt with testing new and upgraded railway vehicles, with their units and elements, new constructions and technical solutions for infrastructure elements, materials, used in the production and repair of rolling stock and in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure elements.

            After 2005, it dealt with innovation technologies, staff training and development activities in exploitation, repair and maintenance of heavy machinery Plasser&Theurer, Matissa, and others for an European national company, heavy machine building plants and railway plants producing rolling stock – locomotives and wagons.

            It issues European licenses for roadworthiness testing of all types of vehicles and the legal capacity and qualification conformity of the staff, directly involved in their operation. It issues safety certificates, according to the requirements of the Railway transport Act in Europe.

            Until this moment it has tested and certified nearly 10 000 wagons, 610 locomotives and 140 self-propelled machines for repair and maintenance of the railway infrastructure. It has accredited the legal capacity and professional qualification of over 8000 people, driving and operating safe exploitation of the rolling stock in Europe.


Subject of activity:

-        Measuring and control of railroad geometry with Track recording laboratory. Performing tests in public transport – electric transport, underground;

-        Roadworthiness testing of all types railway vehicles for the purpose of issuing Safety certificates;

-        Testing of newly built, newly supplied, upgraded or modified railway vehicles, their units and elements and assessment for conformity  with the European requirements;

-        Assessment of the operability of subsystems  and components of conventional trans-European railroad system;

-        Testing and assessment for conformity of railway infrastructure components – upper building, contact network, impact on the contact circuits and systems for remote control, etc.

-        Assessment and control over the repair and exploitation activities in the railway transport;

-        Control on the qualification and legal capacity of the staff, responsible for the safe exploitation of the railway vehicles;

-        Development of unique, non-standard and small series products, related to transport activity;

-        Consulting activity in the field of railway transport, outside the range of accreditation, as a supervisory body for supervising rolling stock.


Offers the following unique stands and equipment:

-        Stands for static testing of rolling stock;

-        Stand for shock testing;

-        Stand for cyclic testing for fatigue;

-        Stands for testing brake systems;

-        Wagon-laboratories for dynamic-running and braking tests in real exploitation;

-        Stands for testing elements of the rail road, for supervising elements of the contact network, for testing materials used in the mobile rolling stock and many other stands for supervising units and elements concerning transport safety.


Occupied area, polygons and railway infrastructure:

-        46 000 m2 (square meters) of railway infrastructure, polygons, train depots, railway indoor showroom;

-        3 200 m2 (square meters) of built-up area (6 000 m2 gross floor area) of research laboratories;

-        Four-floor building which is a “Railway pavilion testing LOKOMOTIVES” with built-up area of 800 sq.m., and gross floor area of 1 780 sq.m.

-        Two-floor building, which is an indoor railway pavilion for testing wagons ”with built-up area of 1 569 sq.m., and gross floor area of 1 915 sq.m.

-        Two-floor building which is a “Railway pavilion with a garage” with built-up area of 240 sq.m. and gross floor area of 370 sq.m.



>>>>For contact:

>>>>REMTECHSTROY GROUP { representatives worldwide}: 

>>>>For contact:




-        Four-floor massive administrative building № 1 with built-up area of 470 sq.m., and gross floor area of 1800 sq.m.

-        One-floor massive administrative building № 2 with built-up area of 180 sq.m;


Professional staff:

-        Over 30 professional managers, engineers, CAD specialists and experts in the area of railway production and repair of heavy railway equipment, wagons and locomotives;

-        Over 10 professors, Associate professors and assistant professors with experience in railway equipment, exploitation and heavy machinery;

-        Over 20 professionals, testers and train drivers with over 20 years of experience in the railway sector.



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