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Global Internet System Unification and standardization of marketing, advertising, retail, looking for Investors {ROI = more 20%}


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Global Internet System Unification and standardization of marketing, advertising, retail, looking for investors

The team of professionals, innovative and creative concept for a global restructuring of the e-commerce retail practices, which we would like to introduce to you.
In the concept there are two main goals included:


1. Solution for handling the numerous negative tendencies in the e-commerce world:

• Creating of a secure and clearly defined area in the e-commerce world, in which there is no place for fake branded goods and rogue

• Ability of managing one account for multiple online shops. Integrating an option that helps the consumers avoid the annoying registrations for different shops in order to purchase goods. The concept is meant to allow the consumer to use only one registration to purchase goods from the defined area at the same time.

• Detection and localization of the user and offering a customized interface and language for using the system. Dealing the problem with multiple languages – the area will allow the users to shop in it, using the language chosen by them.

• Ability for online payments with the most popular banks and systems. Integration of a new bank product which can manage the problems with payments un different currencies and means of payment.

• Creating a structure and methodology for implementation of a global shipping supply system consistent with the various locations.

• Integration of a new product which can guarantee the shipping to the customers - by letter of credit terms for purchase and delivery.

• Strongly protected area, which can guarantee the safety and security of all the personal data and the processes in the area.

2. Optimization of the abilities and potential in the e-commerce world.

• Increasing the potential in order to minimize the effect of the lost profits in competition with fake designer goods. Increasing the range of markets by offering cheaper and remote delivery;

• Increasing the range of the markets with the possibility of trading in different currencies.

• Ability for users of designer goods to focus on only one area while shopping online, where are concentrated all the possible alternatives for them.

• Integration of innovative trading practices which can generate new market segments, holding a lot of potential (exclusive "in Stock" purchases by paying in advance, purchasing gifts - purchase and delivery for another user, group shopping options, options for organizing tenders for big orders and many others);

• Making the entry of new brands in the global market more effective and easy

• Ability to deploy highly effective, targeted advertising strategy in an environment where there is a concentration of guaranteed potential customers.

• Building a global online structure and platform with opportunities for close targeting of consumers and their interests.


The concept is to create a functioning and quality guaranteed protection in the e-space in which to integrate standard rules and practices for effective design of trade - marketing structures of the brands. The idea is the brands to have the opportunity to develop control over the supply of the brand on the Internet at all levels - even down to retailers and their customers. This environment will be structured in two main directions:


• Market that will define the identity of a certain brand and will include the interests of the customers fond of it.

• A global market that can generate in itself the offering of all the brands and it will cover the interests of all the customers interested in certain type of goods regardless of their brand.


In order to ensure a practical and flexible environment, the area is designed to integrate highly effective practices for information management through the implementation of standardized policies and procedures.

The range of the project as well as the fact that it includes multiple additional services, allows to generate various opportunities which can lead to significant and steady gains. The revenue items are mainly not related to each other which makes the project significantly risk-free in terms of the reflection of the negative working capital fluctuations from one income to another


Utilization of funds and investment activities is made by plan which sets a long term for creating and realization on the market under serious liquidity over time. It is planned to begin to be marketed 12 months after its launch.

The rationale of the project and the estimates therein are in the norms of the construction of a major product and its implementation. There are buffers considered for both the cost base and quantitative terms and in terms of set revenue items.


The idea is grounded in a detailed business plan which gives an overall vision of the project, its benefits, uniqueness and competitiveness. There is an overall marketing strategy developed in it with detailed qualitative and value estimates as well as the selected innovative approaches for its implementation. Economic parameters are considered and the financial performance deriving by them. Analysis of the risks is made with a description of how each of them we can monitor and control. The business plan is divided monthly in the maximum analytical form of the cost-benefit items.


Financial indicators of the project are:


1. Investment amount 1 600 000€;

2. Price risk - 10.00% by the present moment it is 7.00%;

3. Tax rate 18.00% - by the present moment in Bulgaria it is 10.00%;

4. Period of planning - 6 years – 1 year to absorb the investment and five years for the realization on the market.





0 Year

1 Year

2 Year

3 Year

4 Year

5 Year

PERIOD - 1 investment

PERIOD – 2 Payback Investment


13 737 966 €

1 600 660 €

1 453 684 €

1 722 349 €

2 857 516 €

2 937 688 €

3 166 070 €


28 326 432 €


2 009 257 €

4 028 801 €

4 915 803 €

6 933 345 €

10 439 225 €


14 588 466 €

- 1 600 660 €

555 573 €

2 306 453 €

2 058 288 €

3 995 657 €

7 273 156 €


2 914 043 €


100 003 €

415 162 €

370 492 €

719 218 €

1 309 168 €


12 174 423 €


955 569 €

1 891 291 €

1 687 796 €

3 276 439 €

5 963 988 €


13 775 083 €


955 569 €

2 846 861 €

4 534 657 €

7 811 096 €

13 775 083 €


NPV 8 040 175 €

- 1 600 660 €

- 731 960 €

831 090 €

2 099 156 €

4 337 008 €

8 040 175 €


IRR 97.5472 %



42.5731 %

67.6728 %

85.7768 %

97.5472 %





1 year  6 month



In our opinion, considering the tendencies, demands, range and potential in the development of e-trading, we will be having a strong advantage after the implementation of this product which unites the interests of all the parties involved in the trading processes by establishing effectively working standards, rules and guarantees. The project will have the advantage of a very serious business potential by controlling this environment.



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Topic: Глобална Интернет Система за Унифициране и Стандартизиране на Маркетинга, реклама и търговия на дребно, търси Инвеститор
Тодор Славов (Bulgaria) says...
Проект Глобална Интернет Система за Унифициране и Стандартизиране на Маркетинга, реклама и търговия на дребно. = Има Бенефициент по реализация на проекта в България; = Осигурено финансиране до €1 600 000 по инвестиционен кредит от чужда банка, 2% лихва по схема /1/ и /2/; = Read More
22nd September 2014 12:53pm
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