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VIP 2016 СЛЕД КАПИТАЛЕН РЕМОНТ MIL Mi-24P *VIP* Hind-F Вертолет {Демилитаризиран} {04 Броя} за Продажба

VIP 2016 REBUILT MIL Mi-24P *VIP Ex-military* Hind-F {Demilitarized} {04 PCT} for Sale in AUCTION.TAMPERS.EU

Location in Bulgaria: Upon Request
TYPE: 2016 REBUILT MIL Mi-24R *VIP Ex-military* Hind {Demilitarized} {04 PCT} for Sale 
Seller: direct sale by owner  
Email: or
PRICE: on request euro or Please log in to see the price

VIP 2016 REBUILT MIL Mi-24P *VIP Ex-military* Hind-F {Demilitarized} {04 PCT} for Sale in AUCTION.TAMPERS.EU

General description:
Multifunctional, export configuration brand new with additional equipment  carrying passengers and cargo
transportation of bulky cargo on the external load search and rescue operation medical evacuation

Location: FCA - Burgas Bulgaria (Free Carrier, free zone BG, without VAT)
Available 4 pieces - MI-24P - Year of construction: 1990-95,

Rebuilt 2016
Total time (TTAF) TTSN: 1500-1996 TT
Country: EU

General description:
Rebuilt 2014, European guarantee 12 months/ 300 hour 
Airplane time: after Rebuilt 2016 -  10 Hrs

Airplane time TSLO:
1500-1996 Hrs, after Rebuilt 2016 TTSN -  00 Hrs,  TBO: 18000/8year, Assigned ressined left: 2025

Engine Left TV3-117VM (TB3-117BM): New, Year of manufacture: 2016, TSOH:- Hrs, TTSN: 0 Hrs, TBO: 1500 Hrs, Assigned ressined left: 4014 Hrs.

Engine Right TV3-117VM (TB3-117BM): New, Year of manufacture: 2016, TSOH:- Hrs, TTSN: 0 Hrs, TBO: 1500 Hrs, Assigned ressined left: 4014 Hrs.

Main Gearbox VR-23: New, Year of manufacture: 2016,  TSOH:- Hrs, TTSN: 0 Hrs, TBO: 1000H/8year, Assigned ressined left: 2025


Helicopter engines new, with all necessary documents, certificates and guarantees.

Interior: Standard grey. Additional paid options: Salon LUX - 5-10 places!

Exterior: painted with primer, White or etc., ready to be painted to the client's requirements

Avionics: Avionics standard that was on the Mi-24 helicopters + on-board computer, multifunction displays, optoelectronic station; inertial satellite navigation system, digital map generator


Pricing: P.O.R. FOR IMMEDIATE SALE /Please log in to see the price/.
In a need for more information? E-mail:

*** I M P O R T A N T ! *** 

For EX-Military Aircraft/s or Helicopter/s we ask that ONLY principals or mandated brokers
contact us. We will need the documents listed below in order to qualify status and avoid
conditions of incomplete and asymmetric information.

PROFESSIONALS CHECK LIST ! We need the following in order to work with you:
[Basic Questionnaire]
1. Timeframes, when and where? Budget allocated? Insurances?
2. L.O.I. and P.W.S. and S.O.W. directy relateted to end-user/s.
3. L.O.C. Bank guarantee and P.O.A./Power of Attorney from end-user/s or client/s.
4. End-user Certificate or A.O.C. directy relateted to end-user/s client/s.

Aircraft can be sold - only the buyer a license to purchase plane, dual-purpose; museum license or buyer licensed by the defense ministry Bulgaria, Europe and etc.!! 

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Country of Origin Russia
Builder MIL
Date of Introduction 1976 (HIND D)
Role Assault, gunship, antitank
Similar Aircraft AH-1 Cobra (all models), UH-60 Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache, Mangusta A129
Blades Main rotor: 5
Tail rotor: 3
Rotor diameter Main Rotor : 17.3 meters
Tail Rotor: 3.9 meters
Wing span 6.5 meters
Length Length : 21.6 m (rotors turning)
Length : 17.5 m (fuselage)
Height 13 ft., 11 in.
6.5 meters (gear extended)
Cargo Compartment Dimensions Floor Length: 2.5 meters
Width: 1.5 meters
Height: 1.2 meters
Weight Maximum Gross: 11,500 kg
Normal Takeoff: 11,100 kg
Empty: 8,500 kg
Fuel Internal: 1,840 liters
Internal Aux Tank (in cabin): 1,227 liters
External Fuel Tank: 500 liters ea.
Engine 2 x 2,200 shp Isotov TV-3-117 turbines
Maximum speed 168 mph / 335 km/h
Cruising speed 295 km/h
Range Normal Load: 450 km
With Aux Fuel: 950 km
Service Ceiling 4,500 meters
Hover out of ground effect: 1,500 meters
in ground effect : 2,200 meters
Vertical Climb Rate 15 m/s
Max �G� Force 1.75 g
Standard Payload Internal load: 8 combat troops or 4 litters
External weapons load: 1,500 kg
External load (no weapons): 2,500 kg
  • not, is Demilitarized 

  • Sensors FLIR, RWR, laser designator
  • The ATGM targeting system uses a low-level light TV, a laser designator, FLIR, air data sensor, and a missile guidance transmitter.
  • HIND D versions are primarily daytime aircraft only. Some HIND E and Mi-35 series export versions have upgraded night and weather capabilities, better avionics, weather radar, autopilot, HUD, GPS, NVG compatibility, more armor, and an increased weapons load provided by the French company Sextant Avionique.
  • Survivability
  • Main and tail rotors electrically deiced.
  • Infrared signature suppressors can be mounted on engine exhausts.
  • Radar warning receivers, IFF, Infrared jammer, rotor brake, chaff and flares.
  • Armored cockpit.
  • Crew Two (pilots in tandem cockpits)
    User Countries At least 34 countries -- Armenia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cambodia, CIS, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, North Korea, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, South Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Vietnam


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